We are committed to providing a cost-efficient process
to eliminate environmental liability for the benefit
of both our clients and the land.

The Problem

Imprecise estimates of environmental liability negatively affect company profitability. This, in turn, can limit access to capital funding, decrease shareholder value, and increase regulatory scrutiny.

Our Three Stage Solution

Stage 1: determine what is real liability and What Isn’t

We use proprietary visual data exploration tools developed by our parent company Statvis Analytics Inc. and a proprietary process developed by our partner company Chemistry Matters Inc. to determine the number and type of sources present and attribute them to responsible parties.

Stage 2: Site-Specific Guidelines

Our process allows all samples with a background signature to be included in the analysis. We then apply established regulatory processes to calculate site-specific guidelines.

Stage 3: accurate source volumes

The first two stages allow us to focus exclusively on material that constitutes a source of potential liability for the client. For the final stage we provide a detailed three dimensional model of the source area(s) and calculate precise volumes requiring remediation.

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